Jesus Walk Testimony (Pam Lamo)

I've been in the habit of asking the Lord for a word for someone when I'm out and about in public.  I'm just trying to tune my ear to the voice of God and be willing to deliver His heart for the people He may put across my path.

I had written out a prophetic word on a 3X5 card some weeks ago and when I got ready for the Jesus Walk, the Lord prompted me to bring the card with me and to be on the look out for "Waldo."

On the front of my card were the words: "Where's Waldo?" So I knew I'd be looking for a tall, slender man with glasses wearing a black and white striped shirt.  I encountered him on Ojai Ave in front of the coffee house.

I introduced myself and said the Lord had highlighted him to me and wanted me to share a word from his heart. I read him the back of the card which went something like,

"You've been hiding in the background, unseen and obscure. But the Lord is calling you out. People have been waiting,  looking and searching for you to take your stand. When you do, you will have an immediate platform because people have anticipated your coming. God has given you everything you need for this calling. Only, be true to yourself; don't try to be anyone else. God will equip you for the task at hand. He calls you a 'Reformer being birthed'."

Mark didn't respond particularly enthusiastically, but I knew I had been obedient to God's prompting.

When we turned around on Ojai Ave, Mark was still standing there, so I asked him if anything I shared resonated with him.  He then informed me he has stage 4 cancer and was basically getting things in order to say goodbye to his family. I prayed for his healing in Jesus name and then encouraged him with another word I had written on his card. Under "Where's Waldo" I had written "jailbird."  I told him I felt the Lord wanted to set him free from his sentence of death and that God wanted to heal him because he still had a destiny to fulfill.

And then we moved on. I'm believing Mark felt the love of God and that seeds were planted with the hope he comes to the saving knowledge of God..