What if prayer was our first, not our last stop? (Nancy Radding)

Hi, faithful and faith-filled friends,

I was "in my closet" this morning with the Lord and was so inspired afresh in regard to the power of PRAYER. Super basic, I know, but stay with me...I'll try to be succinct.

The world on many surface and spiritual levels is both exploding and imploding. Your world, my world. In little ways and big, devastating ways. We Christ followers don't want to miss the forest due to the trees.

What if prayer was our first, not our last stop? What if right now, today, we just chose to take every care, every need, every burden, every hope, every dream, every parent, every child, every sibling, every friend, every circumstance and situation, every ounce of warfare, distress, depression, loss, anger, hurt, confusion, selfishness, weariness, busyness, laziness, apathy, ignorance, rebellion...fill in your own blank....before the Throne of Grace, BOLDLY, expecting not only to be heard but answered.

My faith is RISING. This morning I asked for:
*Fresh eyes and a heart like Jesus to see lost sheep
*Fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit, anointing that breaks yokes
*An overpowering flow of Agape Love over and through me
*A heart that desires nothing outside of God's perfect will
*A love, hunger, and understanding for God's precious Word
*Prophetic words that encourage, instruct, strengthen, comfort
*Dominion over the dark enemies of all who follow Christ
*Power to share and to live the Gospel, with signs & wonders
*The ways of God being my greatest influence in daily life
*Intimacy with Jesus in the Secret Place that bears fruit
*GIFTS working in and around me, especially healing
*A balance of grateful contentment and hunger for change
*Deliverance from all evil
*GOD CHANGE ME! Work with me to evict every thought, feeling, belief, and behavior that doesn't belong in Your Kingdom, doesn't align to Your righteousness

The enemy is hot on the tail of us and all that we love. If they can't get to us, they're relentless and will go after our parents, siblings, children, grandkids, friends, church, city, state, nation.... it's here. End times unleashing of deception, destruction, death, disease, all kinds of relational breakdown, identity theft and more....yet greater is He in US than anything the enemy throws out there, but we have to engage! Pray.

I took my stand this morning. Drew a spiritual line in the sand of my life and reminded the filthy liar that he is NOT allowed to trespass on one INCH of my life, my land. I pushed him back, knocked him down, my foot on that nasty throat that utters lie after lie, believing that Jesus has given me the right, the authority and the responsibility to pray. Believe. Fight. Watch. Stand in the gap. Intercede. Travail. Ask. Seek. Knock. Persevere.

I'm not giving up. I stand today with YOU, for all that you hold dear. For fights you don't even know you're IN yet, for the ones you're hanging on by a thread in, the ones you are ignoring because you don't want to deal with it, all of it, and I just speak STRENGTH and LIFE over all of us. Strength in the Lord and the power of His might, Discipline and Obedience born of true love for our Lord to pray.

Who in your life needs Jesus? A miracle? Some help, provision, hope, joy, peace, deliverance, freedom, healing? Cover it. Offer it up.

Thanks for listening!!!

xx Nancy
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George Hartmann - February 7th, 2020 at 7:17am

Awesome reminder Nancy....always wonderful to see and hear of your passion for the things of God.

What an encouragement to the body of believers in this area of prayer as well as keeping our enemy exposed (we don't know how to strategies/fight if you don't know who we are in a fight with).

Thanks Nancy