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coronavirus update

Hey Church,

We’ve been keeping up on the latest updates from our Federal government and need to communicate some changes based on this information.

Latest Update
The President and his task force have communicated a 15-day period of practical isolation, meaning, no gatherings of 10 or more, including avoiding restaurants and any locations where 10 or more individuals might gather. Just prior to this, the CDC had recommended no gatherings of 50 or more for the next 2 months.

Church Gatherings Cancelled
This means, for the present time, we will be holding no physical gatherings. Our team is looking into all the ways we can continue to “build up” the body of Christ and look out for one another, and we’re committed to doing both. Please see the "Staying Connected" section below. We'll also be sending more info toward the end of the week on how to view our livestream.

Be Smart
While there is no reason to panic and horde supplies, everyone should stock up supplies for at least 15 days. This isn’t due to a lack of supplies; its purpose is to keep people from interacting for the 15-day period.

Be Generous
As I shared Sunday, the church is not like the world. We live by faith, not by fear. We also live by love and want to show that love to others in need. Since there will be people in our church family without work (and pay) during this crisis, please consider giving extra so we can help these families. The following is the link to our online giving page, http://redemptionojai.org/give, or you can use our app.

Let’s Help Each Other
You might have a practical need that someone else can fill. You might be able to fill someone else’s need. Our Church Community Builder platform offers an efficient way to facilitate helping each other. You can list your need on the site, or “take” someone’s need to fill. It’s super easy and simple to participate. Here’s what to do:
  1. If you don’t have a username and password to CCB, please click HERE and click on “Request Account” (we will email you login credentials). If you ALREADY HAVE a login, click HERE and log in to CCB.
  2. On the left, click on the Groups icon that looks like this:

  3. Click on the “Redemption Church” group.
  4. Click the “Needs” tab near the middle of the window.
  5. Click “New Need”, enter a title, your address, and scroll down to enter each item needed, choosing the dates when you need each item. Then click “Save”.
  6. To “take” someone’s need, simply check the box next to their need and deliver it to their address.
This is just one way we can all coordinate to make sure everyone is taken care of.

What About My Kids?
For kids on the school district’s lunch program, food is available between 11a and 1p at the Vons Deli counter. You can also let our church know if you have a food shortage by emailingbrobinson@redemptionojai.org.
It’s likely that most work-places will be closed during the recommended quarantine. But since it remains a recommendation, some of you may still have to go to work. If you’re a single parent who has to work and need your kid(s) cared for, please email kloe@redemptionojai.org. Our Kids Pastor, Kassie, is coordinating childcare to meet this need. As long as we have the staffing and there is no mandate against this, we will attempt to offer this service.

Stay Connected
Be sure to check our website for updates, and if you don’t already, follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can see daily encouragements and communications from Redemption. From your Facebook or Instagram page, search on “redemptionojai”, click us in the search results, then click “Follow” on our fan page.
Let’s continue to cover our nation and world in prayer, and remember Jesus’ words, “Trust in God; trust also in me.”
Love you guys!
Pastor Ron


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