Online Groups

The Purpose

In this time of enforced isolation, we want to encourage you to still have regular small group interaction for spiritual development and community. We believe in these moments is when we have to mobilize and remember that the church is not a building, but it is a people.

The study will be held, depending on the group, on Zoom or Skype Free Conference Calls.

Please choose a group/leader:

 Melody Linecker - Women, Wednesday - 6:30pm

 Markus Linecker - The Prime of Life Group (35-55 year old), Tuesday - 6:30pm

 Becky Wilson -  Truth Seekers, Thursday - 7:00pm

 Mike Lindbery - Men Small Groups

 Denise Rimpa - Bible Study - Monday - 5:30pm

Tim Lawson - Sunday - 7pm

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