Church of the Living Christ

If you're looking for answers to life's biggest questions or are looking for faith, welcome home.  That's exactly what we at CLC are after.  We are faith community that believes in Jesus as described in the Bible.  We believe that He has given us hope.  And that makes us really excited about life!

We believe in being a safe place for honest questions about God, the Bible, and why it all matters, because God is looking for a real, honest relationship, not traditions or rituals.  CLC definitely isn't a place for perfect people, but if you desire to take serious steps toward knowing Jesus in a real way, maybe it's time to join others on the same journey. It could make all the difference in your life!

Welcome Home!

The Sunday Morning Experience

9:30 a.m.

Worship... At CLC, we love to transparently worship God in music.  We try to facilitate a worship experience that most people can relate to in hopes that you can connect with God in a genuine and comfortable environment.  You'll see people raising their hands and singing with passion, but there's no pressure to be someone your not!  Join in, sit or stand, sing or not sing.  Just be yourself!

Teaching... (Listen to teaching here) When it comes to teaching, we strive to present God's word (the Bible) in a simple, practical way that everyone can relate to in their lives.  When we apply it, we believe God's word can build our faith and help us become real followers of Jesus who act more like him.  That's what we're going for! 

Kids and Youth...  We have something for everyone on Sunday mornings.  We have nursery care for children infants to age 3 both services. During the 10:30am service we have Kid's Church for children aged 3 through 5th grade, and LIVE BIG JH Sundays for students grades 6-8.  High school students are encouraged to join the adults in our regular services; worship and teaching is applicable to this age group too!

CLC is a church community that believes in Jesus, worships passionately and desires to love God and people.