By Ron Triggs

Isn’t technology amazing? You click on a link and boom, here’s this blog in front of your eyes. No more printing, folding, stuffing, and postal carriers fighting rain, sleet, snow and angry dogs to get that piece of paper in front of your eyes. No, today you can have your information instantly.

And yet, that technology tends to filter out the tangible side of things. For a season, my parents had to date from a distance. Phone conversations were too expensive so they hand-wrote letters to each other. And not just words… these letters were customized with doodles, decorations and my mom’s perfume! Those objects became so special to my parents that they saved them their whole married life.

Last Sunday, Romans 8:18-25 reminded us that some things are worth waiting for… even worth suffering for. Since the inheritance that God has promised you is so awesome (and I mean the real awesome, not like your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s), whatever disappointment, doubt, pain, frustration or loss you’re facing right now does not even compare. In other words, if you could quantify your suffering and your future inheritance into dollars, that lost relationship, or that bad diagnosis, or that stash of drugs in your kid’s sock drawer all feel like losing a hundred grand. But when we realize that God’s inheritance is worth 20 trillion… our current setbacks don’t seem so overwhelming.

And keep in mind what vs. 26 said about the help available to you through the Holy Spirit. Not only can he help you pray, he can pray for you when you run out of words. So make your grief or frustration a prayer. But keep at it long enough to transition to God’s positive picture for your future. Then, make that your prayer. See the vision that he wants for you; believe it; meditate on it, and stir up joy because that’s your future, and it’s totally worth waiting for!

Why not take 2 minutes to read that passage right now? Own it! It’s God’s letter to you, doodles and all!

Ron Triggs, Lead Pastor