Kicking Bushes

By Trevor Cox

Several years ago on a hot day at the end of August, I was crammed in the backseat of a silver 1980 Lexus without working air conditioning  with four other dudes driving on a dirt road past miles of rolling hills and grassland flats toward the KCL Campground at Carrizo Plain National Monument. It was my first hunting trip, and I had a shiny new Remington 870 Express 12 gauge shotgun just behind me in the trunk, ready for action. I was amped with energy, ready right then to hop out of the car, don my blaze orange vest and charge into the hillsides.

The art to this type of hunting is to walk for miles and miles up hills, down hills, over hills and around hills kicking bushes. Yes, actually kicking bushes. Every other step or so, you’ll run into a new bush that looked exactly like the bush you just walked past, and you kick it. For the entire hunt my body was brimming over with adrenaline and anticipation. I’d walk up to each bush as if it was a present on Christmas, excitedly awaiting the surprise inside. I’d give the bush a nice firm whop with my boot, and every part of my body was prepared to launch when that small bird and it’s horde of minions would jump out and give me tasty little dinner. Two hours into the hunt, a few hundred bushes kicked smiles on our faces and pouches full of quail, we returned to the camp to enjoy a nice feast. Needless to say, I was satisfied beyond belief.

I find that often times in my spiritual walk; I catch myself walking past bushes rather than kicking them. I’m waiting for that God moment to come to me, rather than searching with genuine anticipation and diligence for the opportunity to CREATE a God moment.  

In scripture, the word “GO” appears over 1500 times. The word “STAY” appears somewhere around 60 times. Those are some hard odds to work against when my flesh tries to convince my heart that I shouldn’t pray for that man outside Von's in the wheelchair and when I don’t want to take the time to speak with the homeless man who is sitting at the picnic tables outside of my work.

But I find when I take the proper approach, when I am kicking bushes rather than letting them pass me by, when I am earnestly looking for the chance to show God’s love or even just to be anticipatory for God to show up, the entire atmosphere can change, lives can be healed, and God will move.

We need to walk out our faith with eagerness, and excitement to create opportunities for Christ to enter in.  We are called to GO.  There is an incredible call to action placed upon us and it’s a beautiful thing that God would choose to let us be partners with Him in His desire to work good things on the earth. Let’s be the church that will answer the call and create the space for God to move.

Trevor Cox, Ministry Intern and CLC Collective Contributor

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