Who are we?


We see a church alive in the Spirit,

dynamically connecting, reaching our world in love.

We are a church associated with the Assemblies of God.



Redemption (originally Ojai Assembly of God) started out like a lot of churches, just some friends getting together to share their faith journey. Two ladies longed to go deeper in their walks with Christ and felt the Holy Spirit was the key, so they began a simple Bible study in one of their homes. What started very simple and natural grew over time into a small group pastored by a husband and wife who affiliated the group with the Assemblies of God. Many rented locations and pastors followed until the church landed at its current spot in Meiners Oaks and built their own church home under the leadership of Pastor Ellis Robertson.



redemption team

Ron Triggs - Iron Man (Lead Pastor)

Bud Robinson - Professor X (Care Pastor)

Joshua Smart - Hawkeye (Worship and Engage Pastor)

Markus Linecker - Hulk (Youth and Outreach Pastor)

Joel Clark - Captain America (Youth Director)

Jenn Kelley - Black Widow (Ministry Assistant)

Vicki Triggs - Captain Marvel (Office Manager)

Robin Lawson - Wasp (Ministry Assistant)